Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chennai's Lucky For Asin

The word Chennai seems to be lucky for Asin. In her hit Telugu film Amma Nana O Tamil Ammayi (M Kumar s/o Mahalakshmi in Tamil), she was called Chennai and in her forthcoming film London Dreams, Salman calls her the Chennai Express. “Whenever Salman called me Chennai, my thoughts would go back to my shooting stints in Hyderabad. Puri Jagannath was such an amazing director, he made me so comfortable. Doing the film was a joy,” chirps Asin. Having taken Bollywood by storm with Ghajini, she’s now all set to wow audiences once again with London Dreams (LD). The script, she says, focusses primarily on Ajay (Devgn) and Salman (Khan). “We’re part of a band and the story deals with the relationship between all of us,” she explains. Asin’s thrilled that LD is her first ‘authentic’ B-town flick. “The Hindi film fraternity has been really kind. There are so many great things coming my way. Everyone has been so appreciative of me. From Amitabhji to Abhi and Ash, Preity to Sushmita — all of them have been so loving. I hope it gets better,” she smiles. In fact, the bonhomie she shares with other stars has made Asin give the ‘actresses can’t be friends’ adage a new twist. “From Deepika to Sonam and Anushka, they’re all so sweet. And Sridevi ma’am is my neighbour. She’s so caring and pampers me all the time. The other day, there was a power cut at midnight and since I stay alone, she called to check if I was okay. That was so sweet of her.”

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