Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sarathkumar speaks on Asin's problem

When asked about about banning actress Asin who was in Sri Lanka to shoot for a Hindi movie, Sarathkumar, President of South Indian Artistes' Association, said, “Whether Asin will be banned or not will be decided only after I hold talks with the joint action committee of the Tamil film industry and put forth my views. We do respect Tamil sentiments and our heart goes out to Tamils all over the world. But my point is that artistes are entertainers. Today we are at a stage where Indian artistes and technicians are receiving worldwide recognition, so banning them should not come under any type of governance due to any reason. Each case should be judged in a specific manner. I suggest that a proper future directive should be formulated about this issue. Even Asin’s situation will be dealt with subjectively.”
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