Sunday, August 1, 2010

Asin crying over Salman’s Shoulder

This is the first time, a woman is crying to Salman without being slapped by him. A liner that is flashed in almost all the leading satellite channels based on Hindi film industry. The gossip columnist started it and now it is 99% confirmed now that they are in love. Right from the initial days of Bollywood, Asin has been finding solace with Sallu and there were reports about both of them gifting some valuable gifts.

Straight to the point – Both of them are busy shooting for Hindi remake of ‘Ready’ in Sri Lanka. Asin, who has been cornered by TFPC for her Srilankan visit is broken down with spirits and is now sharing more of her professional and personal problems with Salman Khan.

Once, Asin entered into Sallu’s friendship, the relationship between Salman and his belle Katrina Kaif seems to have drifted.
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