Monday, October 4, 2010

Flag march against Asin

We already know the issues about asin's Sri Lanka visit.The latest news is some people attempted to stage a black flag demonstration against Asin in Mettupalayam, when she reached there for Vijay’s ‘Kavalan’ shooting on Sunday. Police arrested four of them.

The activists of pro-Eelam were demonstrating against Asin for her recent visit to Srilanka. The activists also raised slogans that Asin should not act in Tamil films.

The Tamil film association urged its members to boycott Sri Lanka despite actress took part in movie’s shoot in Sri Lanka.

One of the person who Arrested police saidn, “Asin violated the ban imposed by the South Indian Film Actors Association against actors visiting Sri Lanka to act in films and enjoying the company of anti-Tamil Sinhala politicians”.

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