Friday, July 10, 2009

Asin stalked at Singapore!

Well, Asin seems to be spelling controversy wherever she goes. The latest we hear is that the actress, who was on a whirlwind tour to Singapore, was stalked by a diehard fan of hers, who was actually from Indore.

One of her most dedicated fans; the guy got to Singapore and followed her everywhere. The actress got to notice this man, who followed her to every place, and was surprised to observe that he pushed himself ahead of other fans and security guards to stand by her side and take photographs with her, without her knowledge.

In fact, he even convinced people that he knew her from before and tried to meet her at all places. The actress, who got miffed at this stalker, was tensed when she had to leave Singapore, as she was scared on encountering him at the Airport. Thankfully, the fan seemed to have given that place a miss and the actress was nothing short of relieved to be in the comfort of her Mumbai house, back in the country.

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