Thursday, July 16, 2009

No films for Asin in Bollywood

Asin who rose to great heights in Bollywood because of the great success of Ghajini is now without any films for the past two months. There was Asin fever after the release of Ghajini. Big producers and actors had approached her to work in their films. Producers were waiting at her doorsteps for her call sheet with the money. But she never cared about it. She only selected London Dreams which had Salman Khan in the lead. She also gave her call sheet for the English film 19 Steps which had Kamal Haasan in the cast. Asin’s father sent back the producers and directors who had come for her call sheet by saying that Asin is busy for one year. Asin also earned the wrath of other actresses.
In a short span of time she brought herself a house in Mumbai. But things have drastically changed a lot when 19 Steps was dropped. Asin also took a lot of training in Kalari arts in Kerala to act in this film. She also sustained injuries during this training. She is in a great shock now because this film has been shelved permanently. She refused to act in other films because of this film. Now nobody is in search of her. For the last two months she is idling. Now she is sending people to producers requesting for chance. But they have replied that they had signed other actresses and commenced the shooting. Now actresses like Trisha have forayed into Bollywood and this is a great challenge for Asin now. Now she is considering acting in Tamil films.
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