Friday, June 19, 2009

Asin injured while practising

Asin, who shot to fame with Ghajini in Hindi, has been flooded with offers from many production houses. She will soon be seen in 19th Step directed by Bharat Bala and produced by Walt Disney Productions.

In 19th Step, Asin plays the role of a princess who is adept at Kalaripayattu. Ever since she was signed up for the film, the actress has been practising Kalaripayattu under an expert guru from Kerala.

During one of her practise sessions, she accidentally slipped and fell while trying to jump from a certain height and injured her leg in the process.

For the past few days, Asin has been undergoing severe pain in the injured site. She hopes to be back in action soon and resume practising, as shooting for the film will start in a month.

19th Step also stars Kamal Haasan and Tadanobu Asano. We hope she gets better and does a wonderful job in the film!

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