Saturday, June 20, 2009

Asin likes being by herself

If Asin’s move to a new house that’s entirely her own didn’t assert her independence, because her parents were just 2 kms from her, Asin’s injury has proved the point.

Actress Asin, who has been practising Kalaripayittu in Kerala for her forthcoming flick, ‘19th Steps’, has injured her leg during one of her practice sessions. But the actress, who didn’t want to make a fuss of it, apparently attended a film awards function not minding the injury.

But that’s only half the story. When the actress then got back to Mumbai, where she now lives, it was expected for her to run into her daddy’s arms, as it is well known that the actress is very close to her dad. Instead, the actress has taken people by surprise by going back to her apartment Green Acres. Living all alone, the actress has sure sent the signal out that her wings have finally spread and she is all set to conquer the industry, all by herself.

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