Thursday, June 25, 2009

Asin not to travel to Japan

Asin, busy practising Kalaripayattu in Kerala, is getting ready for her next film titled 19th Step opposite Japanese star Tadanobu Asano. Asin plays a princess and was to travel to Japan along with the entire film's unit for the shooting.

But all plans to shoot in Japan have been put off temporarily due to swine flu. Instead, the Japanese star will reach Kerala soon and director Bharat Bala has decided to complete the shooting in India itself. This should make Asin's father Joseph happy, since he had reportedly expressed his displeasure over his daughter travelling abroad, especially at this time.

19th Step will be completed by end of this year, and may be an early 2010 release.

In the meanwhile, Asin fans can look forward to her next release (London Dreams) this year (opposite Salman Khan).

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