Monday, December 27, 2010

Asin ready movie working stills

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Asin ready movie working stills
Asin ready movie working stills
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Asin latest hot photo gallery


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Monday, December 6, 2010

Asin next Bolly flick titled as Pocketmaar

South India top actress asin will be the heroine in another bollywood movie titled as 'Pocketmaar'.This Movie directed by Ravi Chopra and Neil Nitin Mukesh will play the lead role.

Bolly sources say that it was actually Neil Nitin Mukesh who recommended Asin sharing screen in Pocketmaar and therir is growing and they are more than just friends.

Currently,Asin busy with her favorite hero Salman Khan starrer 'Ready'.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Salman need asin ib Ready

Asin Started her bollywoor carrier with Aamir Khan in tamil remake of Ghajini.After that she acted with London Dreams with Salman Khan.Her latest bollywood project with Salman starrer remake of Telugu film ‘Ready’,

Sources say,now Salman Khan wants to do his next movie with asin which is the remake of malayalam film Bodyguard.But Asin is deslike this, she wants act with movies with other bollywood heros.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gurumurthy sent a legal notice to Asin

asinOur actress still in trouble.A legal notice has been sent to our talented actress Asin , holding her responsible for vision impairment to 10 Tamils in Sri Lanka and claiming compensation on their behalf.

HMK state youth wing general-secretary Gurumurthy, in his notice through advocate Balamurugan to the actor’s residence in Kochi, referred to earlier media reports and claimed that Asin had visited the island nation recently for the shooting of her movie Ready co-starring Salman Khan for “personal gain and publicity” against the advice of Kollywood and Tamils here.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy birthday Asin

Today October 26 is very special day.Do know why? Its the birthday of our cute,beatiful actress Asin's birthday.

Asin told about her birthday, “Yes, I am feeling very special. School friends from New York, Austrialia and Liverpool have come here for my birthday. We are having a blast for the past couple of days”.

“I am really lucky to have such beautiful and loving friends”, she says and adds: “My parents are known for giving me pleasant surprises every birthday. I can smell this year too they are planning something”.

We Asin Fans Wish you a Happy and prosperous Birthday Asin

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Asin stopped charitable activities in Srilanka - ASINAsin still in trouble after a black flag demonstration.The actress has been in Srilanka for shooting a Hindi film ‘Ready’ in July this year. She made a trip to Jaffna and Vavuniya along with Sri Lankan First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa.The actress extended her stay in the island even after the shooting was over and became close to the family of Mahinda Rajapakse.

On visiting these places ,Asin organized an eye camp in Jaffna and had announced that she would cover 10,000 Lankan Tamils through this campaign.

This campaign has made the actress reel life blind in srilanka.In this efforts ten people turned blind after receiving an eye treatment organised in Jaffna by Asin, claimed May 17 Movement, a group for Sri Lankan Tamils.

With an immediate action the actress was asked to stop associating herself with charitable activities in the island country and she was asked for an explanation on what caused blindness for the sufferers.

The convener of the May 17 Movement, Thirumurugan, asked as to how Asin had been given access to rehabilitation camps in Jaffna, a region which is out-of-the-way even to International NGOs and UN bodies.

The Convener has appealed to the Tamil Film Chamber of Commerce to ensure that her films do not get released in the State. The Tamil film industry had jointly made a statement that the films of actors, who visited the island nation for shooting purposes, would not be released in South India.

Asin had gone to Mettupalayam for shooting of a Tamil film, ‘Kaavalan’, with actor Vijay.Asin is even facing difficulties for filming her movie ‘Kavalan’.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Asin not in orkut or twitter

Southindian top actress Asin clearly stated that she is not on twitter or any other social networking sites. Asin says that some one is using her name for tweeting and she warned all her fans and well-wishers not to believe the faker.

In twitter fake account of the Asin has a huge number of followers and the followers count is increasing day by day. Asin also states that she may or may not join these social networking sites in future but as now she has no such plans.

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Asin not in orkut or twitter

Southindian top actress Asin clearly stated that she is not on twitter or any other social networking sites. Asin says that some one is using her name for tweeting and she warned all her fans and well-wishers not to believe the faker.

In twitter fake account of the Asin has a huge number of followers and the followers count is increasing day by day. Asin also states that she may or may not join these social networking sites in future but as now she has no such plans.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Asin rebuild her kollywood career with vijay -Kaavalan We already know asin busy with her new movie with vijay Kaavalan.Asin and Vijay who had already given couple of super hit movies like Pokkiri and Sivakasi, are all set to be a part of a new Tamil project Kaavalkaran ‘ a remake of Bodyguard. Asin who has been trying hard to make her existence in Bollywood, is back to her roots. In spite of refusing many lucrative offers from south Indian filmmakers, Asin is now really looking forward to this project to rebuild her career once again.

She is now shooting with Vijay for Kaavalan in Ottapalam near Palakkad in Kerala. So for the pretty actress it is a comeback of sorts to her roots, where it started nearly a decade back. After black flags were shown at Metupalayam against Asin.

The film is directed by Siddiq and music is scoring by Vidya Sagar. And the shooting almost over except one song is remaining and that will shoot in foreign locations. This film expect to releasing on December.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Asin on Grazia India magazine photos

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Flag march against Asin

We already know the issues about asin's Sri Lanka visit.The latest news is some people attempted to stage a black flag demonstration against Asin in Mettupalayam, when she reached there for Vijay’s ‘Kavalan’ shooting on Sunday. Police arrested four of them.

The activists of pro-Eelam were demonstrating against Asin for her recent visit to Srilanka. The activists also raised slogans that Asin should not act in Tamil films.

The Tamil film association urged its members to boycott Sri Lanka despite actress took part in movie’s shoot in Sri Lanka.

One of the person who Arrested police saidn, “Asin violated the ban imposed by the South Indian Film Actors Association against actors visiting Sri Lanka to act in films and enjoying the company of anti-Tamil Sinhala politicians”.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Asin latest hot photo gallery,stills,wallpapers

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Asin is desperate for a south break

Asin, made it big in Tamil and Telugu cinema industry with her acting skills as well as her natural beauty. The actress soon entered the bollywood film industry, but lost her way in the competition and the glitterati.

Now, the actress wants to make a comeback in the south Indian films and is desperate to make it big in the south film industry. The actress is trying out different ways to impress the Malayalam hulks such as Mohanlal and Mammootty and is ready to reduce her remuneration to ground level, if she gets a chance opposite to them.

It is also reported that Asin is also trying to grab a Telugu film offer to act opposite to Megastar Chiranjeevi and is playing mind games with the help of her PR.

Let’s hope that Asin succeeds in her deeds and gets some lucrative acting offers from south Indian film industr
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nayan was very good in the original says asin

One of the rarest things in tinsel world is to see two heroines bond well atleast in public. One of the most famous feuds in Kollywood is between Asin and her one time arch rival Nayanthara.

Both Syrian Christian girls from Kerala have been daggers drawn ever since they met on the sets of AR Murgadoss’s Ghajini.

They just can’t stand each other and Nayan had alleged that Asin in connivance with cameraman RD Rajasekhar had not only cut her role but made her to look bad on screen. Nayan had also confessed that her biggest mistake was to be a part of Ghajini.

Anyway much water has flown in the Coovum after that, and now six years later for the first time at the Kaavalan press meet held on Thursady evening, Asin praised Nayanthara! When asked whether she has seen Bodyguard, Kaavalan’s original in Malayalam and what she thinks about Nayanthara’s performance in the film.

Asin said: “ Nayan was very good in the original and I loved her performance in the film. The director has given her a role that suited her image. Let us hope I can do justice to that role which was first narrated to me more than three years back, as I was supposed to do the Tamil and Malayalam versions.”t

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sri Devi is one of my role models says asin

Asin’s answer is a big no to the recent reports that she had refused an offer from her good friend Sri Devi and Boney Kapoor citing date issues. “I have not received such an offer from them,” the actress says.

“I share a strong relationship with Sri Devi ma’am and Boneyji. I would hardly deny an offer to act in their film. I was shooting in Chennai when I heard about the reports, which were not true,” she adds.

Remember it was Sri Devi who reportedly helped Asin when she was new to Mumbai a couple of years ago. “I have great regards for both of them (Sri Devi and Boney Kapoor). Sri Devi is one of my role models,” the Mollywood actress says.

Meanwhile, Boney Kapoor, one of the leading producers of Bollywood, too has echoed Asin’s statement. “I am not someone who will approach actors with an incomplete script. We are currently working on a couple of scripts. Let the script get completed first, then I will announce the star cast,” he was quoted saying.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Asin hot photoshoot stills

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Asin Latest interview


Asin is a home sick bird. Her home is the only place she prefers in the whole world. She will become normal only after coming home from outdoor shootings.

Asin friends circle is small. Whenever she is happy or in distress she spends her time with these friends. These friends are school children. She has got 11 such friends. She use to dance with these friends in her personal room with the stereo blaring.

She is fond of cricket very much. She will not miss the matches where India team plays. During the shooting time Asin use to the enjoy watching cricket matches in her caravan. In case if she misses seeing the Indian teams win, she will somehow get it from the person who has recorded it and watch it.

Asin has the habit of giving imported chocolates to her close friends and media people and then only start talking to them. Asin is so fond of chocolates.

Asin has the habit of filing the news, articles, interviews and photos about her which are being published in the print and electronic media. So Asin is able to know about all the news that is published about her.

Asin close Mumbai friends are Dhoni, John Abraham, Salman Khan and Madhavan. When these people meet, their topic will be on power bike. Because of this Asin knows everything about power bike. She use to roam with these guys on their bikes in Mumbai.

Daily after completing the shooting, Asin has the habit of replying to her fans through her e mail. She also updates the contents on her personal website.

When she arrived in Mumbai, she settled in a flat where yester year dream girl Sridevi is staying. She has become close friend To Sridevi and her daughter Jaanvi. Asin’s latest pastime in Mumbai is to chat and play with Jaanvi.

Asin has her own farm house in Vagaman. There is a small dam in the farm house. That is the specialty. If she has continuous shootings, she will fly to this farm house in order to reduce her tension. After relaxing for some days in loneliness, she will go back to the shooting fresh.

Asin’s inspiration is her father and mother. Her best friend is her father Joseph Thottamkal. She will discuss any matter or problems with her father only.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Asin 24 hour shooting


Cute actress Asin, sure is dedicated to her work. She has been shooting non-stop for the last two months. She shot for Ready with Salman Khan in Colombo and then travelled all over to shoot for her endorsements.

Sources inform that “Salman was impressed by her professionalism. The actress has been shooting non-stop for 22 hours almost every day. But she did not let her hectic schedule affect the unit and nor did she cause any delays. In fact, she would shoot her portions on the sets, then fly to other locations for her ad shoots and rejoin the unit in Colombo.”

The next schedule will begin soon in Bangkok and Mumbai.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Asin returned to the shooting of Kaaval Kadhal

After all the controversy surrounding her regarding her recent visit to Sri Lanka, Asin has returned to the shooting of her Vijay starrer Tamil movie Kaaval Kadhal movie in Chennai.

Asin was in Sri Lanka for her shooting of the Salman Khan starrer Hindi movie Ready and for the first time in several years a Tamil actor has stepped foot in the war ravaged area. To add to that she traveled in a army helicopter along with the first lady Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa.

Asin was in deep trouble with the Nadigar Sangam and other associations and was almost on the verge of getting banned. It looks like everything has been smoothly solved now and the actress is back to her acting in Tamil movies.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Asin crying over Salman’s Shoulder

This is the first time, a woman is crying to Salman without being slapped by him. A liner that is flashed in almost all the leading satellite channels based on Hindi film industry. The gossip columnist started it and now it is 99% confirmed now that they are in love. Right from the initial days of Bollywood, Asin has been finding solace with Sallu and there were reports about both of them gifting some valuable gifts.

Straight to the point – Both of them are busy shooting for Hindi remake of ‘Ready’ in Sri Lanka. Asin, who has been cornered by TFPC for her Srilankan visit is broken down with spirits and is now sharing more of her professional and personal problems with Salman Khan.

Once, Asin entered into Sallu’s friendship, the relationship between Salman and his belle Katrina Kaif seems to have drifted.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Asin in trouble again

Controversies surrounding Asin's recent visit to Sri Lanka for the shoot of Anees Bazmee's Ready (remake of the Telugu hit Ready) with Salman Khan fail to subside. Now the Tamil organizations in North America have decided to boycott the actress' films in future. "The Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FeTNA) will boycott all films of Asin because of her visit to Sri Lanka, despite a ban by the Tamil film industry," a statement said.

“Efforts are on to enforce this boycott in Canada and America,” it added.

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