Friday, August 27, 2010

Asin hot photoshoot stills

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Asin Latest interview


Asin is a home sick bird. Her home is the only place she prefers in the whole world. She will become normal only after coming home from outdoor shootings.

Asin friends circle is small. Whenever she is happy or in distress she spends her time with these friends. These friends are school children. She has got 11 such friends. She use to dance with these friends in her personal room with the stereo blaring.

She is fond of cricket very much. She will not miss the matches where India team plays. During the shooting time Asin use to the enjoy watching cricket matches in her caravan. In case if she misses seeing the Indian teams win, she will somehow get it from the person who has recorded it and watch it.

Asin has the habit of giving imported chocolates to her close friends and media people and then only start talking to them. Asin is so fond of chocolates.

Asin has the habit of filing the news, articles, interviews and photos about her which are being published in the print and electronic media. So Asin is able to know about all the news that is published about her.

Asin close Mumbai friends are Dhoni, John Abraham, Salman Khan and Madhavan. When these people meet, their topic will be on power bike. Because of this Asin knows everything about power bike. She use to roam with these guys on their bikes in Mumbai.

Daily after completing the shooting, Asin has the habit of replying to her fans through her e mail. She also updates the contents on her personal website.

When she arrived in Mumbai, she settled in a flat where yester year dream girl Sridevi is staying. She has become close friend To Sridevi and her daughter Jaanvi. Asin’s latest pastime in Mumbai is to chat and play with Jaanvi.

Asin has her own farm house in Vagaman. There is a small dam in the farm house. That is the specialty. If she has continuous shootings, she will fly to this farm house in order to reduce her tension. After relaxing for some days in loneliness, she will go back to the shooting fresh.

Asin’s inspiration is her father and mother. Her best friend is her father Joseph Thottamkal. She will discuss any matter or problems with her father only.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Asin 24 hour shooting


Cute actress Asin, sure is dedicated to her work. She has been shooting non-stop for the last two months. She shot for Ready with Salman Khan in Colombo and then travelled all over to shoot for her endorsements.

Sources inform that “Salman was impressed by her professionalism. The actress has been shooting non-stop for 22 hours almost every day. But she did not let her hectic schedule affect the unit and nor did she cause any delays. In fact, she would shoot her portions on the sets, then fly to other locations for her ad shoots and rejoin the unit in Colombo.”

The next schedule will begin soon in Bangkok and Mumbai.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Asin returned to the shooting of Kaaval Kadhal

After all the controversy surrounding her regarding her recent visit to Sri Lanka, Asin has returned to the shooting of her Vijay starrer Tamil movie Kaaval Kadhal movie in Chennai.

Asin was in Sri Lanka for her shooting of the Salman Khan starrer Hindi movie Ready and for the first time in several years a Tamil actor has stepped foot in the war ravaged area. To add to that she traveled in a army helicopter along with the first lady Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa.

Asin was in deep trouble with the Nadigar Sangam and other associations and was almost on the verge of getting banned. It looks like everything has been smoothly solved now and the actress is back to her acting in Tamil movies.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Asin crying over Salman’s Shoulder

This is the first time, a woman is crying to Salman without being slapped by him. A liner that is flashed in almost all the leading satellite channels based on Hindi film industry. The gossip columnist started it and now it is 99% confirmed now that they are in love. Right from the initial days of Bollywood, Asin has been finding solace with Sallu and there were reports about both of them gifting some valuable gifts.

Straight to the point – Both of them are busy shooting for Hindi remake of ‘Ready’ in Sri Lanka. Asin, who has been cornered by TFPC for her Srilankan visit is broken down with spirits and is now sharing more of her professional and personal problems with Salman Khan.

Once, Asin entered into Sallu’s friendship, the relationship between Salman and his belle Katrina Kaif seems to have drifted.
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