Thursday, July 29, 2010

Asin in trouble again

Controversies surrounding Asin's recent visit to Sri Lanka for the shoot of Anees Bazmee's Ready (remake of the Telugu hit Ready) with Salman Khan fail to subside. Now the Tamil organizations in North America have decided to boycott the actress' films in future. "The Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FeTNA) will boycott all films of Asin because of her visit to Sri Lanka, despite a ban by the Tamil film industry," a statement said.

“Efforts are on to enforce this boycott in Canada and America,” it added.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Still no reprieve for Asin

Asin’s bold statements justifying her visit to war torn Tamil regions in Sri Lanka have not cut ice with pro Tamil groups in Tamil Nadu still.

In a recent meeting jointly held by 'Save Tamil Federation' and 'May 17 Movement', it was again restated that the protests against Asin must continue.

The two pro Tamil groups have issued pamphlets reasoning why Asin must be banned. In that they have accused Asin of becoming an ambassador of Sinhala government accused of genocide. It also blamed her creating a false picture of Sri Lanka is in peace by accompanying with the President's wife. The places she visited are banned for international media.

The activists also called for boycotting products which are endorsed by Asin in India.
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Asin hot in black dress photo gallery

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Asin Goddess - Nadigar Sangam shameful

Lots of criticisms and Asin was very often pulled onto the headlines for her sudden visit to Colombo. She flew down to Colombo along with Salman Khan for the Hindi remake of READY. Sooner the members of Tamil Film Production Council and Nadigar Sangam had raised their voices saying that the films of Asin will be banned in South India.

But the actress had visited the war affected areas of Sri Lanka and conducted surgeries for hundreds of unprivileged and needy people were affected. Asin has now become the Goddess of people over there and now Nadigar Sangam members are ashamed of making such harsh comments.

Now the members have decided to fly down to Sri Lanka and gain back their lost prestige.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sarathkumar speaks on Asin's problem

When asked about about banning actress Asin who was in Sri Lanka to shoot for a Hindi movie, Sarathkumar, President of South Indian Artistes' Association, said, “Whether Asin will be banned or not will be decided only after I hold talks with the joint action committee of the Tamil film industry and put forth my views. We do respect Tamil sentiments and our heart goes out to Tamils all over the world. But my point is that artistes are entertainers. Today we are at a stage where Indian artistes and technicians are receiving worldwide recognition, so banning them should not come under any type of governance due to any reason. Each case should be judged in a specific manner. I suggest that a proper future directive should be formulated about this issue. Even Asin’s situation will be dealt with subjectively.”
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Asin. Against the wall

Asin was once the most loved heroine in Tamil cinema. Her upward swing started soon after ‘M. Kumaran S/o Mahalashmi’ and peaked with Gajini and after starring with only the biggest stars of today Asin landed in Bollywwod. Her first Hindi film ‘Gajini’ took her to stardom right away in Bollywood. Ironically, she got almost all the ‘Best Debutante Award in Bollywood that year after having done over 15 films in her seven years career down south.

When she was planning to shift base to Mumbai for ever her second film ‘London Dreams’ bit the dust. In spite of having stars like Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan it was a washout. With no other Hindi film in sight suddenly Asin felt a vacuum and desperately wanted something for survival. Again Kollywood came to her rescue. Asin was signed for a film with Vijay. After signing ‘Kaaval Kadhal’ opposite Vijay, Asin was into camouflaged ‘sour grapes’ talk about Bollywood.

However, things changed during shooting for ‘Kaaval Kadhal’. Her good friend Salman Khan recommended her for his film ‘Ready’. Then the IIFA fiasco happened and Salman had attended the show despite requests from the highest bodies of South Indian Film Industry not to participate in IIFA in Srilanka as the country was charged with genocide of innocent Tamils. The biggest stars of Bollywood including Amitabh Bachchan, Abishek, Aishwarya Rai, Shah Ruk Khan, Katrina Kaif and others stayed away from the event respecting the sentiments of the Tamil community all over the world. But the industry boycotted event was attended by the likes of Salman Khan, Hrithil Roshan, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

But charmed by the country during IIFA Salman Khan crazily changed the locations of ‘Ready’ film to Srilanka from the earlier decided to be Mauritius. Asin who was to star in ‘Ready’ was in a dilemma of whether to go or not to go to Colombo defying the ban call given by all the industry associations like TFPC, FEFSI, Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners and Distributors associations and SIFCC.

Finally Asin went ahead and landed in Srilanka saying she is under the contract of the producer to attend the shoot wherever it happens. Salman Khan openly ridiculed the South Indian Film Industry’s boycott call and praised the Srilankans and particularly the family of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Emboldened Asin then questioned the sincerity in the ban order issued to her when the Indian cricket team is allowed to play in Srilanka, businessmen visiting Colombo and flights flying into Srilanka every day are not banned.

Her firm response got her compliments and criticism. Remember Asin and Salman Khan were given ‘Z’ grade security, something which is reserved only for likes of President and the Prime Minister. Over the time, Asin gathered more courage and stayed back in Srilanka even after the ‘Ready’ team returned to Indian after the shoot.

On Sunday, Asin took a military helicopter and visited Jaffna and Vavuniya with President Mahinda Rajapaksha’s wife Shiranthi and a Lankan MP Sudarshini. That meant Asin was able to visit places, which were devastated by war, and banned for most of the world media and NGOs.

Asin this act is being viewed with suspicion. The question now in the minds of people is that how come Asin was taken in a military helicopter with the wife of the Srilankan President that too after Salman Khan and the unit of Ready returned to India?

Is Asin trying to make a political statement? Why did Asin dare to be identified with the government of Srilanka by travelling like a state guest?

Asin’s most recent statement that said, “I came to Sri Lanka for work and now I want to help the Tamil population within my capacity”, did not change the opinion of the Tamils.

Back home while Radha Ravi is fuming over the remarks and actions of Asin, Sarath Kumar is underplaying the whole issue. Sarath Kumar had said “artistes are entertainers and today we are at a stage where Indian artistes and technicians are receiving worldwide recognition, so banning them should not come under any type of governance due to any reason’. Yesterday there was a talk about a group of popular Tamil film personalities planning to visit to Srilanka to provide the “healing touch” to the Tamils.

This divided house may be a shot in the arm for Asin. But, Asin does not have any new film other than ‘Kaaval Kadhal’ in Tamil and Ready in Hindi. She will not have any work after completing these films.

These are the questions waiting for answers. Even we are as eagerly waiting as Asin would.

How will her career be after these two films? Will Kollywood allow her to sign another film in Tamil? How will the industry react to Asin when she returns to Chennai? What will be the fate of fate of the Vijay-Asin starrer Kaaval Kadhal? Will the activists pull down the film as they did to Hrithik Roshan’s Kites in Chennai? Will the film fraternity stand united forever?
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Asin in ‘Vamsam’

‘Vamsam’, the maiden film of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s grandson Arulnidhi, has a connection with Asin. A cow, which plays an important role in the film, has been named after the actress.
According to sources, the cow, which belongs to Pudukkottai, is playing the role of heroine Sunaina’s ‘close friend’. “It acts as a messenger between Arulnidhi and Sunaina,” they maintain.
Explaining why director of the film Pandiraj decided to name the cow Asin, they say, “It is wholly for the purpose of evoking laughter in cinema halls screening ‘Vamsam’, since Asin is a very popular actress. He has no intentions to hurt anyone’s feelings.”
On the role played by Arulnidhi, sources say, “He appears as a graduate who settles in the village to take care of his family job- agriculture. Arulnidhi has given his best to ‘Vamsam’ which will hit screens soon.”
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Asin at Jaffna Vavuniya stills,photo gallery

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Asin visits Jaffna, conducts eye care camps for Tamils

She was the first Indian celebrity to reach these areas in the last 30 years. She was accompanied by Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa, the First Lady of Sri Lanka.

Asin is in Sri Lanka shooting for Hindi film ‘Ready’, starring Salman Khan in the lead. When she landed in Colombo a fortnight ago, she had met Namal Rajapaksa, MP and eldest son of the President, and conveyed her interest in visiting these places.

She also had planned a medical camp there with the help of Salman’s ‘Being Human Foundation’. She and the Foundation conducted free eye care camps in those areas, for which five ophthalmic surgeons were flown in from India. In three days, they conducted 300 cataract operations on elderly Tamils in the area.

Asin said that they would conduct such eye care camps periodically in the Northern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka। More than 10,000 people have registered for cataract operations.

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Asin is vexed with her celebrity life

South Indian actress Asin is said to be vexed with her celebrity life these days. After her bollywood debut, Asin became a national celebrity with her debut “Ghajini” turning into a blockbuster. But after that, things did not work in the favor of Asin and she lost the battle in the highly competitive bollywood industry.

Asin is presently working in a Hindi film with bollywood actor Salman Khan, which is a remake of Telugu super hit READY. Asin Thottumkal is also working in a Tamil biggie titled as “Kaaval Kaadhal” opposite to ilayapthi Vijay.

But on a personnel front for Asin, the year 2010 has earned her bitter controversies. At first it was her ban in Tamil films, for acting with a star (Salman), who is supporting tamilians of srilanka. Then, after the marriage of Dhoni with Sakshi, Asin was back in headlines for being dumped after a love link –up with the Indian cricket team captain. The media reported that Asin is depressed, as she is leading the top slot of the chart, of being dumped of the century. With all these media reports, Asin feels that she is now paying the price for being a celebrity and hopes that time will bring in some cheers for her.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Action Against Asin

Nadigar Sangam Secretary Radha Ravi was questioned recently on what action the Sangam would take on Asin, who had traveled to Sri Lanka, to participate in the Hindi film shooting Ready. It is worth mentioning here that the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and several other associations of the Tamil film industry have issued a warning to all the Tamil stars not to visit Sri Lanka for shooting purposes. They also made it clear that the Tamil film industry would not cooperate with their Sri Lankan counterparts.
hen news about Asin flying down to Sri Lanka to take part in the shooting of Salman Khan-starrer Ready started making rounds, there was a lot of opposition. The actress, on the other hand, stated that it was not her preference but she had to go with the crew of the film.
peaking on this issue, Radha Ravi said that the association would meet to discuss the issue.

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