Friday, June 19, 2009

Asin’s Beauty Tips

Have you ever wondered from where the smiley Asin gets such a gorgeous looks? Nothing but from simple beauty care and healthy food habits.

The sweet looking actress swears by the water therapy. Recently while sharing beauty secrets, Asin revealed that she washes her face with lukewarm water and cold water. She advised to wash the face gently and that one should avoid rubbing it very hard while washing. Also, one’s regular diet should include a good amount of fruits and vegetables.

The Malayalee girl has admitted that she prefers simple food and believed to be saying, “I’ve been brought up in an atmosphere where we don’t use artificial foods, sweeteners, spices, etc. in our home sugar is called ‘white poison’ so we use only Gur. I don’t take aerated drinks, chocolates and junk food. And yes, no allopathic medicines; only Ayurveda.”

That’s what we call a ‘Natural’ power!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! check out some ayurveda diet tips HERE.. you can become more beautiful than asin!