Friday, May 22, 2009

Asin as “Pepsi” Uma!

Asin is now acting in Hindi Gajini. Asin is singing duet with Amirkhan out there was also invited to perform acting for the movie Pokiri in Hindi. But Asin got no callsheet for HindiPokiri.

Salmankhan is acting in Hindi Pokiri. Even though the chance of acting in Pokiri is missed Asin is having a good time with Gajini. Because Gajini team have inserted the same two songs Suttum vizhi, oru malai illam veyil naeram, which was a mega hit in Tamil. Gajini team took the shootings for those songs in the same location where they shot for Gajini in tamil.

The sweety Asin told that it reminded her of actor Surya when she went to those locations. Yes Da.. Adhey cho Sweet memories Da…!

Now again Asin is acting with Surya in Vel is a point which has to be noted by all of us at this time ! In this movie her name is Miranda Meenakshi! Her character is like Pepsi Uma who anchors a television show.

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