Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is Asin the next Sridevi

Ever since news surfaced that director Selvaraghavan (of films like 'Kaadhal Kondaen' and '7 G Rainbow Colony) is seriously considering Asin for the role of the heroine in the Hindi version of the film, talks have started that Asin might just become the next Sridevi of Bollywood. When asked about it, Asin was understandably very flattered. "It is an honor, yes, but I'm more interested in being the best in whatever I do. I'm not interested in becoming the No 1. Most importantly, in any circumstance, I want to be known as Asin and not as anybody else. That is my driving ambition. "I'm not trying to be the next Sridevi or Hema Malini. I want to make a mark as a distinct individual. "I don't plan anything. To me, a film's script is the most important factor. I then look for my role. The third priority is the director who is going to handle the film. The hero is one of the last concerns of mine. Right now I have only two big projects- 'Ghajini' in Hindi and 'Dasavathaaram' in Tamil. I'm spending all my time for these two films. I was never concerned about the number of films that I star in. To me, quality is more important that quantity," she says.
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