Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Interview With Asin

Asin, in an interview to us, rubbishes reports of a house being gifted to her by Salman Khan.

Excerpts from the Interview:

How difficult was it for daddy’s daughter to work independently after her father was hospitalised?

It wasn’t very difficult. My dad was never a baby-sitter on the sets. Between us, it’s a client-andmanager kind of a relationship. Since I don’t have a manager or a secretary, my father plays a three-in-one role. Recently, I went to Bangalore to launch the Bangalore Food Guide. I called him up at one in the morning to just wish him good night. Even then, his phone was engaged! My work-related issues had been keeping him busy so late in the night. Now, there is somebody to accompany me in his place. The only difference is, since this person is doing a professional job, the personal touch of having my father around, is missing.

Do you have your parents accompany you while shooting?

My mother, who is a doctor, has opted for VRS. My father isn’t there to stare into the monitor as I shoot. He sees to it that everything is organised, and then leaves. It’s disturbing when people confuse my father with the ‘baby-ko-juice-doh’ kind of parents who are always there on the sets. My dad is an independent thinker and never indulges in such behaviour.

How difficult is it to shoot romantic scenes in your father’s presence?

I’m quite comfortable when he is around. It’s my profession. If I can agree to a scene that will be viewed by my parents in the audience, why won’t I be able to shoot it in front of them?

A lot is being said about how Salman Khan gifted you a house…

How silly is that! I’ve been living in the same house ever since I went to Mumbai to shoot for Ghajini. I hadn’t even met Salman then. The media has got him to gift me a new house, someone to do the interiors and even adorned my walls with his paintings and posters!

Isn’t the audience mature enough to understand that these link-up stories are a part of the movie’s mar keting strategy?

There are so many untrue stories and misquotes that I think many people would have become conscious of the media games. Of course, a percentage would want to believe it as a topic of discussion, even if they actually have doubts about it.

Can’t the publicists of a film be responsible for this too?

I’m not familiar with such a strategy. During Ghajini, I knew exactly how the movie would be promoted by first releasing Aamir’s look. But the London Dreams team has not discussed anything of that sort with me.

How differently do Salman and Aamir approach a role?

Salman is very relaxed and chilled out. He is spontaneous and even if he has done the homework for his role in his mind, on the sets, he does an impromptu job. In Ghajini, Aamir would come and discuss the role with me, suggest changes and seek suggestions. As for me, I prefer a mixture of both.

You’ve featured in the Lead India campaign to woo voters. Ever considered campaigning for individual stars ?

No. I’ve been approached in the south, but I have always declined such offers. Be it difficult or easy, one has to say no when one doesn’t want to do something.

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