Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why is his mum accusing the actress?

A special police squad flew to Mumbai on Friday to search for one of actress Asin's former employees who has allegedly gone missing. The star, meanwhile, said he had called her many times asking for huge sums of money.

"A team headed by a deputy superintendent of police flew to Mumbai today (Friday) to find Asin's missing assistant N Muthu Kumar on the basis of a complaint from his mother S Vadivu," a police official told IANS.

Kumar's family has alleged that he has gone 'missing' because of abuse by the actor - a charge Asin has denied. The actress said Kumar had stopped working for her but had called her up and demanded money.

"After the aide left my employment, he has called me several times asking for money up to Rs15 lakhs to settle unpaid bills, although I am in no way concerned with his problems. I have, however, offered to cooperate with the police personnel to find Kumar in Mumbai," Asin said in a statement.

Vadivu, who said Kumar worked with Asin for four years, has alleged wrongdoing on the part of the actor.

"While Asin's father Joseph claimed to have sacked my son after he joined the Mumbai underworld several days ago, Asin has been saying different things and now I suspect Kumar is being detained because he knows the family's dirty secrets," Vadivu said.

"I am afraid that if I speak out, my son's life will be endangered," she added.

Asin has said that all accusations against her were false.

Greater Chennai Police Commissioner Sangram Jangid said the matter was just "being blown out of proportion".

"For reasons best known to the media, the issue is being blown out of proportion. The registered complaint is being investigated by my subordinates. There is nothing more to it," Jangid said.

Asin is currently shooting for London Dreams as the female lead with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan.
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