Friday, May 22, 2009

Asin - Voice over!

Asin is the only actress in south who insists on dubbing in her own voice

Asin, who was away in Switzerland shooting a song with Surya for Vel, is back in Chennai. The actress was peeved to find reports in the media that she had dubbed for the first time in her own voice for Dasavatharam!

How many times have you gone to watch a movie and realized that the star’s voice isn’t exactly what you heard in an interview? Says Asin: “The Dasavatharam press note says that I have used my own voice for the first time in a film! From M.Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi, my second film in Tamil to my last release Pokkiri, I have dubbed in my own voice for all my films, including those in Telugu and now for Ghajani remake in Hindi.

In fact Asin is the only actress in south who insists on dubbing in her own voice. Added Asin: “I have taken extra care to dub for Dasavatharam as I play the role of a Tamil Brahmin girl, and dubbed the way as it is spoken in Thanjavur. I believe a complete actress is the one who dubs for the character she portrays on screen. Voice is one of the major calling cards of an actress, and has tremendous recall value among fans.

Asin is the first actress from south to dub in her voice for her debut film Ghajani in Hindi and that too in Sync sound. Aamir Khan, her hero was amazed that she could speak so fluently in local Mumbai lingo without any south Indian accent.

For Vel, she surprised the unit by doing the entire first half dubbing in a single day! Now all Asin fans out there, can look forward to Vel, which is a confirmed Diwali release.
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