Saturday, May 16, 2009

Asin is Miss Perfectionist

Here’s an actress who has earned a title for herself without taking part in a contest. Asin, the Bollywood beauty, who has sent shockwaves to Bollywood’s leading heroines, with her single performance as Kalpana in ‘Ghajini’.

But it’s not just performance that counts in an industry as big as the big film market. Be it in her promptness or her struggle to get Hindi right, Asin has been a trendsetter of sorts. In fact, her first film ‘Ghajini’ had live sound which forced the actress to master the language and speak for her character.

Asin did this and more, and the result has been her success. But reports have it that the actress hasn’t turned complacent. Even now, she is said to be making attempts to improve her Hindi for her future projects like ‘London Dreams’. All this has earned her the title of Miss Perfectionist in Bollywood.

In fact, the actress had an equally clean slate reputation even while she was in Tamil cinema, known for her hardwork to get her act right. Way to go, Asin!

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