Monday, May 11, 2009

Asin - Bluffer of all times

She uttered in her interviews that she wouldn’t be getting back to Kollywood for quite some time, since she is busy with Bollywood and Hollywood projects. Before a year, she stepped into Bollywood with remake of Ghajini and with still a long way to go for that film to release, Asin herself has been making her own stories that Jackie Chan is pairing up with her for an international brand advertisement etc.

Asin, a rich tycoon much before she entered into tinsel town made her debut in Tamil Cinema with M.Kumaran S/0 of Mahalakshmi. Not so appealing in her looks, Asin underwent several facial makeovers and hairstyling to make her looks appealing. However, that didn’t help her and only Simran getting out of field after marriage created great scope for Asin to get onto certain level.

Well, Asin was able to make only one round where she paired up with great stars on one round: Sivakasi and Pokkiri with Vijay, Ghajini and Vel with Suriya, Majaa with Vikram, Varalaaru and Aalwar with Ajith Kumar, Dasavatharam with Kamal Haasan. Apart from these films, she didn’t have many offers on her part. Of course, Asin wasn’t for the first option for Kamal Haasan in Dasavatharam. First it was Vidya Balan whom he wanted to play female lead role and then followed by Nayanthara. Since, these missies were quite busy with other projects; Asin came into the option of K.S.Ravikumar and not Kamal Haasan.

Asin is not liked by many of the audiences since she doesn’t possess any such unique attributes. Be it her looks or body shapes, it is not so convincing to make young guys to fall down for her. Also her overacting in most of the film creates more annoyance among us.

On the contrary, its Genelia D’Souza who made her debut in Tamil Cinema with the film Boys directed by Shankar. Though she hasn’t acted in many films, Genelia could well establish herself on the screen with whatever roles she played. Acting not more than 5 films in Tamil film industry, she was offered to play female lead role in Priyadarshan directorial Bollywood movie ‘Mere Baap Pehle Aap’. With her stunning performance and bubbly looks, she won the laurels and Aamir Khan had her in the film ‘Jaane Ya Tune Jaanena’ where Aamir’s nephew Imran Khan played lead role. Genelia over shined Imran Khan with her stupendous performance and she has 4 Hindi flicks in hand to complete this year.

However, actress Asin who hasn’t got her first film itself released has started boasting about herself to the section media and that’s a sort of self-publicity. Looks like Asin’s father has been advising her to come up with such issues and we have a special and famous proverb for both father and daughter, “Empty Vessels make more noise and Asin has to learn the secret of success from Genelia.
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