Monday, May 11, 2009

Asin Launches Big Bazaar’s Summer Collection

Asin has already made a big splash in Bollywood with the movie Ghajini. Now she's making her way in fashion. The up and coming girl in Bollywood was also seen recently, launching Big Bazaar's latest summer collection. She even had the chance to walk the runway and strut herself like the models in the show. Asin said that "I am not fashion crazy, but yes I’m fashionably sound."

The charming actress spoke about the brands she promotes at the events. Asin made it clear that she had renewed with these brands and they were not newly signed brands. Asin realized that a lot of people probably were not aware of the fact that she been a supporter of these brands for a long time. Asin also spoke about her Bollywood acting experiences. When asked if she was working with Shahrukh Khan on a Yash Raj film, she smiled politely, laughed and said "well that's news to me ." She also said that she is working with Disney on a feature film called 19th Step.

Watch the interview with Asin at the Big Bazaar launch. You not only see her, but you also will also catch the latest styles that Big Bazaar released. We want to know what you thought about the event. Do you like the styles that you see? Do you think it's cool that Asin is getting more attention now than ever before? And are you excited to see the actress in more movies in the future? Give us your thoughts in the form of a comment below.
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