Monday, May 11, 2009

Asin lures fans worldwide

It’s Asin, Asin and Asin all over! Not just Indian fans, even international fans seem to be going gaga over her. After her chirpy, girl-next-door act opposite Aamir Khan in the blockbuster Ghajini, she has become a rage all over India. Every day, her official website is flooded with messages from fans all over the world. Each entry in the site’s guest book is either a poetic paean to the beauty or a romantic ovation to the actress’ acting skills.

Sample this recent entry on her guest book: “Asin, mesmerizing performance in Ghajini, saw it twice! U heard all this b4 but your eyes are absorbing, spectacular. So in Bollywood as a foreigner I got an extra part at the first shooting of the concert. I was ignited by the situation in which once I saw u… result: erratic dancing! Pro dancers asked if I was drunk… hell NO! just intoxicated on seeing u!!! I was the tall blond haired guy wearing dark blue T shirt. Loved giggles when u missed a step of the routine, makes u real. - Matthew Partridge.”

Asin, you indeed seem to be ‘wowing’ everyone around and this ’smitten’ foreigner may just be one in thousands. Visit Asin’s official guest book to pen your thoughts on Asin or just read the thousands of entries that rave about her. And yes, Asin does read all mails received at her official website and also replies personally to selected mails. So what are you males (and females) waiting for? Go ahead and send her your thoughts and wishes
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