Sunday, May 10, 2009

Asin-Trisha battle continues

After four releases in 2005, will Asin have a release in 2006? As of now, her only probable release is Ajit’s Godfather which has been put on the backburner once again!

What’s next for Asin? She was quietly working behind the scenes to grab Vikram’s Bheema. In fact director Lingusamy was keen to cast her but her arch-rival Trisha somehow came to know about it and made the right moves to bag the coveted role.

It seems, Trisha is Vikram’s favourite as they had a blockbuster in Saamy while with Asin, he had a flop in Majaa.

Added to that, producer A.M.Ratnam knows that Vikram-Trisha combination is red-hot in Andhra making the dubbing rights for the film very attractive for the buyers. Meanwhile both the actresses never leave any opportunity to hit back at each other.

Recently Asin said in an interview to a regional publication that she is the only net-savvy actress! Trisha hit back by telling her friends that she was using a laptop much before Asin saw a computer!
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