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Ghajini Tamil movie Review
Cast: Surya, Asin, Nayantara, Prathap Singh
Language: Tamil
Director: A.R. Murugadoss
Music: Harris Jeyaraj
Production: alem A. Chandrasekar

Gajini is an suspense thriller from A.R.Murugadoss who has made popular films of this genre.

Sanjay Ramaswamy (Surya) is a business man in love with a model cum activist Kalpana (Asin). Both of them believes in doing whatever they can to support the poor and the downtrodden. Kalpana comes to know of a gang who supplies girls to Mumbai. She exposes the racket to the authorities at the cost of her own life. She gets killed in front of Sanjay by Lakshman (Pradeep Rawat) and his gang. Sanjay gets a big blow on his head when he tries to save her.

The film opens with Sanjay having only short term memory, i.e he could remember things for only 15 minutes. Even then he wants to avenge the killers of his lover. He goes behind the killers, takes pictures, tattoos their names, addresses, Phone numbers etc on his own body to remember them. He hounds them with a passion even after failing several times. A Police officer (Riaz Khan) happens to read his diary and comes to know of his plot. Chitra (Nayanthara) a medical student helps him out with his treatment and is interested in doing a case study on him. But her professor discourages her cause of the risk involved. Watch the movie to find out whether Sanjay succeeds in getting his revenge...

The director has succeeded to keep up the suspense throughout the film. The narration goes back and forth several times, before the protagonist looses his memory and after. The script written by the director himself helps to keep up the suspense intact. Good action, and good songs by Harris Jayaraj and the background score is really noteworthy.

Surya is excellent as Sanjay. He has portrayed the dilemma of the character very well. Definitely this is one of his best roles. Asin has also enacted her role well. They complement each other very well. Nayanthara is strictly okay. The rest of the cast gives adequate support.

Ghajini Wallpapers

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