Monday, May 11, 2009

Indian Actress Asin jumps out of car to save a child

Asin seems to have been inspired by her character in Ghajini. That is probably why she didn't care for her own life to save a little boy from a speeding car.

The actress who was inside her car near Infinity Mall, Andheri at the time of the incident jumped out from the vehicle when she noticed a poor boy unaware of a car rushing towards him.

Asin had clearly no time to contemplate her moves and after jumping out of her car, she jumped across the barrier, lifted the child but lost her balance and fell on the ground. The child landed on Asin and was saved.

According to a source, Asin suffered severe bruises on her arm and wrist. "Her arms were wrapped in bandages for several days and Asin had to wear full sleeve costumes for her photo shoots", added the source.

Well Asin after all that reports of your rude behaviour, this news comes as a whiff of fresh air.
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