Monday, May 11, 2009

Shahrukh Khan to Star Opposite Asin?

After making her Bollywood debut with Aamir Khan in her next film she'll be co-starring alongside Salman Khan in the big budget, 'London Dreams.' That's two out of the three Khans so only Shahrukh Khan is left right? Well it seems like Asin may be adding Shahrukh to her list of co-stars soon! The rumor mill is on overdrive with everyone buzzing that Asin will star with Shahrukh in a Yashraj film none the less! The original choice for the film was Katrina Kaif but word is Shahrukh wants to keep a far distance from Salman Khan and for obvious reasons wasn't interested in working with Katrina Kaif to steer clear of any run-ins. We can bet he learned his lesson after the whole kicking Aishwarya Rai out of 'Chalte Chalte' because of Salman Khan fiasco.

Back to Asin though, apparently saying yes to the Yashraj film wasn't so easy for Asin as she had already allotted dates for a Priyasarshan film co-starring Akshay Kumar and she had to choose between the Akshay film or the Yashraj film. We're sure that's a pickle tons of actresses would kill to be in! So which one did she pick? Well turns out lady luck was shining on Asin and Akshay asked Priyadarshan to push back the dates because he was unavailable for the dates the director wanted and the film has been pushed back to 2010, leaving Asin with time to film the Yashraj film. What a lucky girl!

So for now it seems like all things are ready to go with Asin and Shahrukh doing the Yashraj fillm together, but in a funny twist of fate rumor is Katrina Kaif might replace Asin in the Akshay Kumar film! Way to flip flop ladies.
So what do you guys think of Shahrukh starring opposite Asin? Drop us a comment with your thoughts!
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